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Lord Aeck Sargent

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A two-story complete demolition and re-build for an architectural firm. All the ceilings were exposed, so a minimalist approach was used for running all ceiling components, including low voltage cabling, ductwork and electrical pathways. A two-floor cast-in-place concrete stair was constructed to connect the two floors. This required re-shoring and cutting the existing slab during construction. Since the project was on the top floor of the office building, we were able to cut in skylights that allowed additional natural light throughout the space. Curved conference rooms were positioned at each corner of the two floors. These were fabricated out of wood framing and 3-form sheathing. The majority of the space had exposed concrete floors, so we had to grind and level the existing slab before a retro-plate finish was installed. Since the project is LEED platinum, we also installed new showers, bike storage and shading products on all exterior windows.



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