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This LEED Gold Certified project for 22 Squared, an advertising firm in Midtown Atlanta, has won awards and accolades from all over the country.
umphries understands the importance of environmental awareness and sustainable building practices within the construction industry. We recognize that as a leader in the construction industry what we do has an impact on the environment. Humphries and Company is committed to being a good steward of the environment by having company-wide sustainable practices in both our field and corporate operations.

We strive to reduce harmful emissions to the air from projects, road vehicles, mobile and stationary equipment. We mitigate the impact of our operations on flora, fauna and related ecosystems and minimize the negative impact of our operations on water, land and soil quality.

We endeavor to generate zero waste through reducing upfront demand, reusing materials whenever possible, and recycling. Where these options are not currently practicable we will provide environmentally sound treatment and disposal of the products used on our projects. We also pledge to proactively select and use materials that are benign to people and the environment.

Importantly, our team members have the expertise to help identify opportunities to enhance the sustainability of a project, and we will work to find the optimum balance between the project’s budget and its sustainability (green) building goals.

Humphries was the interior general contractor for the first Gold-Certified LEED project in Georgia, the Arthur M. Blank Family Foundation Building. Since that time, we have completed many additional LEED projects—Platinum, Gold and Silver.

Our LEED Accredited Professionals will brings to each project the benefit of our many years of experience and ensure that the particular LEED effort is as seamless and smooth as possible, while delivering the best in quality and maintaining an eye on the bottom line.

Featured LEED Projects

ProjectCertification LevelYear Certified
22 Squared Gold Certified 2010
AllSteel Showroom Gold Certified 2005
Cooper Carry Platinum Certified 2009
Cushman & Wakefield Gold Certified 2007
Flad Architects Gold Certified 2009
Gensler Gold Certified 2013
Interface Gold Certified 2014
Kimball Showroom Silver Certified 2008
Lord Aeck Sargent Platinum Certified 2014
Resolution Fitness at One Ninety One Peachtree Tower Gold Certified 2010
Sony Ericsson Gold Certified 2011

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Even if a project is not pursuing a sustainable (LEED) certification, we bring these services and capabilities to the design and construction process to proactively maximize a project’s value to our clients. 

Below are some specific actions that we do to make our policy a reality:

Humphries is a member of U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC). This non-profit organization within the building industry works to advance structures that are environmentally responsible, profitable and healthy places to live and work.

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