Boston Consulting Group

The Boston Consulting Group (BCG) project managed by CBRE existed in the five floor building of a second generation space within a multi-tenant building. The project occurred in three separate phases. Included in the scope of work was extensive demolition, partition and millwork construction, renovation of existing base building restrooms, and a variety of architectural light fixtures, modern acoustical wallcoverings and the installation of new finishes throughout. The 10th and 11th floors featured a dual-paned glass storefront system by MAARS, which was among the first applications of the product in the U.S. Two stairways were added to create a seamless transition between floors. The 10th and 11th stair boasts a feature wall clad in stone that spans the height of two floors, complete with a hearth, mantle, and electric fireplace.


Atlanta, GA


Boston Consulting Group




55,283 SF

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